May 18, 2021

Zach Banner: Big Man, Bigger Heart

Zach Banner: Big Man, Bigger Heart
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Zach Banner, starting offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, shares thoughts on his family, his Jewish community allyship and his injury recovery. He discusses the thrilling USC Rose Bowl victory, his friendship with former teammate Jake Olson, his new Steeler contract and rising expectations, the need for greater diversity in the NFL coaching ranks and how we can allbecome part of the answerwhen it comes to battling racism.

Zach explains his love for FIFA and Man U and why the EPL fans are right to protest the European Super League. Learn what Zach shares in common with Jennifer Beals of Flashdancefame and why he teared up during his fraternity hell week. Enjoy!

Zach's B3 Foundation:

Zach's emotional Jewish community support video:

Zach's amazing
Flashdanceparody video (side by side with the original):

Time-Stamped Show Notes:
3:27 -    "Never feared another man"
5:17 -    Touching Mother's Day MOMS (Mothers of Murdered Sons) Dinner
7:42 -    Family First
11:57 - Jewish Community Ally
15:35 - "Put our arms around each other"
16:08 - Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy
17:53 - USC Shoah Foundation
20:35 - Zach's B3 Foundation
23:55 - Momma Hoagie: "Zach Can Deliver"
24:25 - Earning the Role
26:05 - The Next Challenge
27:45 - The Steel City
28:10 - Dreams Realized (and not)
31:05 - The Hulk Smash
33:25 - NFL Coaching Diversity
38:30 - "Say you understand the movement"
41:55 - Trojans Win!
44:25 - Jake and Quebec
46:14 - The Other Football
51:47 - Rapid Fire Questions
54:25 - Footloose or Flashdance?
55:55 - Hell Week Tears
56:25 - Final Words of Advice

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