May 27, 2021

Bob & TC Chillemi: Those Things Which Hurt, Instruct

Bob & TC Chillemi: Those Things Which Hurt, Instruct
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Retired adidas sales executive Bob Chillemi shares the heart-breaking story of his beloved son TC who lost his life to drugs at the age of 24. Bob offers advice to teens and parents alike on how best to avoid addiction. Listening to this emotionally wrought cautionary tale is more important than ever given dramatically rising overdose deaths in the US. 

May 30 marks the 10 year anniversary of TC's death. During the past decade, Bob has honored his son's memory by raising $460K in partnership with Arizona State University to educate students on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. In the words of the great statesmen Benjamin Franklin, "those things which hurt, instruct."

Here is the link to the TC ASU Foundation Fund for those interested in donating to this amazing substance abuse treatment and prevention program:

Feel free to contact host Mark Hochgesang at I would like to hear what you think of the show and the topics you would like me to tackle going forward. 

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