Heavy Hitter Sports educates, entertains & inspires by spotlighting sports game-changers. Athletes and sports business leaders share their remarkable stories and provide valuable advice on how to tackle challenges on and off the field of play. Host Mark Hochgesang's commentary is shaped by his deep love and knowledge of sports and 30 years of management experience at Nike, adidas and Easton.

Recent Episodes

Meeting in the Middle: Verbal Jiu Jitsu

May 19, 2022

Leo Wang & Chris Hochgesang are the guest co-hosts on this week's Heavy Hitter Sports show. They use the forum to soft launch their own Meeting in the Middle podcast focused on MMA & UFC. Leo & Chris review the highlights of…

Sports Villains: Part One

April 21, 2022

Sports is always more interesting when great villains enter the picture. Father & son hosts, Mark & Chris Hochgesang, team up to share their collective list of top 25 sports villains. Part one depicts stories of villains 25 …

Kanga Cairns: Surfing Icon

April 18, 2022

Ian 'Kanga' Cairns is the greatest big wave rider in surfing history. He was inducted in the surfing Hall of Fame in 2010 after winning multiple world championships, creating his own surfing brand & TV show, organizing two p…

Brian Bushway: Blind Sports Visionary

March 31, 2022

Brian Bushway's intense love affair with sports & movement only intensified after he lost his sight at 14. His dream is to create a perceptual revolution in sports and beyond. Brian has been called the World’s Best Blind Mou…

Harold Jensen: Secret Weapon

March 15, 2022

Celebrate one of the most magical moments in college basketball history with Harold Jensen. The unlikely hero sparked his Villanova Wildcats to a miraculous finals victory over heavily favored Georgetown in 1985. Most consi…

Brandi Heather: Return to Play

March 8, 2022

Brandi Heather, an award winning disability & inclusion educator, therapeutic play specialist and author, explains how we can all benefit by adding more PLAY into our lives, regardless of age. And for many of us, SPORT serve…

About the Host

Mark Hochgesang Profile Photo

Mark Hochgesang

Host of Heavy Hitter Sports

Mark's goal is to educate, entertain and inspire by bringing compelling sports stories to life. He is a 30-year sporting goods industry veteran, having worked at Nike, adidas and Easton. Mark is now transferring his storytelling skills to the podcast airways. This venue and show focus is a great fit for Mark given his love of sports, industry experience and interest in psychology & personal growth.

Mark's love of sports is broad ranging...baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and all things Olympics. Yes, you might detect a slight bias toward the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, the Portland Trailblazers and the Trojans since he was born in San Francisco, raised in Portland and educated at USC.

Mark also invests in sports related startups via Oregon Sports Angels. Mark, his wife Barbara and their son Chris have lived in Portland for the last 25 years.