July 22, 2021

Susanne Mueller: Peak Performer

Susanne Mueller: Peak Performer
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Enjoy today's talk with Susanne Mueller, renowned business coach, 26 time marathoner, triathlete and fellow podcaster. We discuss the value of diversity, respecting cultural differences,  the importance of training and hard work and her resilient and risk-taking behavior that enabled her to overcome obstacles in her athletic and business endeavors. 

Time-Stamped Show Notes:
2:00  -   Intro
2:40  -   Talking from Your Heart
3:50  -   United Nations Diversity Experiences
4:30  -    Executive Coaching Career
5:15  -   Business-Sport Parallels
6:10  -   Roger Speaks
7:00  -   
26 Marathons
9:50 -    Iron Man Accomplishment
11:30  - The Swiss Olympic Boycott
14:00 - Sports Unites Us
14:30  -Naomi Rules!
17:00-  Lonely on Top
17:25 - The Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek
19:45 - The Inner Game of Tennis
21:00 - Think Like the Pro, Be the Pro
22:35  - In the Flow
26:25 - Men vs. Women
27:10 - Be Open & Ask Questions
30:00-  Mentorship Benefits
33:30-  Lightning Round
38:00-  It's a Wrap

Susanne's Website:  https://www.susannemueller.biz/

Susanne's Books: https://www.susannemueller.biz/publications

Susanne's Podcast: https://www.susannemueller.biz/podcast

Susanne's LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanne-mueller-ma/

Susanne's Instagram Account:  https://www.instagram.com/susanne_mueller_nyc/