May 19, 2022

Meeting in the Middle: Verbal Jiu Jitsu

Meeting in the Middle: Verbal Jiu Jitsu
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Leo Wang & Chris Hochgesang are the guest co-hosts on this week's Heavy Hitter Sports show. They use the forum to soft launch their own Meeting in the Middlepodcast focused on MMA & UFC. Leo & Chris review the highlights of UFC Fight Night Vegas 54 and dissect the history & virtues of Jiu Jitsu. 

Leo works for Paradigm Sports, the premier MMA sports agency and Chris is a passionate UFC convert. Whether you love the fight game or not, you'll enjoy the spirited & insightful conversation of these two friends & former MBA classmates. Enjoy sports fans!

Host Contact Information:

  • Chris Hochgesang: 503-333-8085
  • Leo Wang: 541-654-2247