April 18, 2022

Kanga Cairns: Surfing Icon

Kanga Cairns: Surfing Icon
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Ian 'Kanga' Cairns is the greatest big wave rider in surfing history. He was inducted in the surfing Hall of Fame in 2010 after winning multiple world championships, creating his own surfing brand & TV show, organizing two pro surfing leagues & several noteworthy competitions & coaching the USA surf team. Kanga is now launching an exciting new pro surfing league in a truly innovative way utilizing the Wave Riders Club, NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

The surfing legend shares his thoughts on his Western Australia upbringing, almost dying during the biggest surf competition of his life, the art of reading surf breaks, his surf movie career, the business side of surfing and his deep love of family. Surfs up!

Feel free to contact host Mark Hochgesang at mphochgesang@gmail.com
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The season one finale launches later this week. Season two begins in late May. Cheers.