March 24, 2021

Jake Olson (Part Two)

Jake Olson (Part Two)
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Up close and personal with Jake Olson, the first blind athlete to play college football. Jake shares his memories of three pivotal games from his amazing career at USC. He also speaks of his love for golf and his faithful dog Quebec.

Jake concludes by talking about his inspirational setback to setup mindset that allowed him to overcome obstacles. And he shares how this type of fortitude and thinking can enable all of us to finding opportunities in adversity.

* Jake's first game appearance against Western Michigan (a must see):

* Shelly Smith's 2015 video profile on Jake:

* Jake showcasing his top-notch golf talent at the Swing for Sighttournament:

* Jake's Engage company website:

You can contact host Mark Hochgesang at with episode ideas or any other feedback. Thanks.