Feb. 3, 2022

Dr. Jim Afremow: The Leader's Mind

Dr. Jim Afremow: The Leader's Mind
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Renowned sports psychologist Dr. Jim Afremow joins the Heavy Hitter Sports show. Jim helps athletes attain peak performance. He’s worked with Olympians, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL and NFL players and PGA and LPGA golfers around the globe. 

Jim and host Mark Hochgesang talk about the power of mindfulness, visualization and positive self-talk. They discuss the chief tenets of stoicism and how they can benefit people in high pressure situations or dark times. Jim also shares what it takes to be a strong and empathic leader, whether that be in the boardroom or on the hardwood like Steve Kerr.

If you are looking to raise your game or that of your team, you’ll appreciate the valuable lessons in this episode. 

 But should Crazy Train be a notable psychologist’s power song? Enjoy sports fans. 

Jim's Books:

Jim's Gold Medal Mind Website:https://goldmedalmind.net/

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Jim's LinkedIn Profile:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-afremow-7826669/