April 27, 2021

Best Sports Movie Awards

Best Sports Movie Awards
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Inspiration comes from multiple sources, including great sports films. Enjoy this episode honoring the best in sports movie history. Renowned actors, directors and composers will be recognized. But we'll also have fun with non-traditional categories like dastardly villains, notable sports props and crazy character names. Audio clips from notable songs and scenes are included. And the "Hoagie" goes to? 

Time-Stamped Show Notes:
1:57 -    Best Score
4:23 -    Best Villain
6:05 -    Best Pump-up Speech
9:33  -   Best Supporting Actress
10:57 - Best Supporting Actor
11:48 - Best Prop
12:17 - Best Foreign Film
13:17 - Best Comedy
13:52 - Best Character Name
15:02 - Best Leading Actress
16:18 - Best Leading Actor
19:05 - Best Documentary
21:29 - Best Line
23:29 - Best Director
25:15 - Best Film
28:17 - Wrap and Sage Advice from The Dude

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